Can not create file folder on newly installed Ubuntu [Solved]

Just install Ubuntu 10.04 on my friends machine. I keep two more partition on her 80 GB harddisk to store various files and folders. Both of them are formated as ext3 file system. After completing install we found that there is no any option to create new file or new folder/ directory on these two partitions. Actually this kind of activity options are disabled on right click drop down menu. Look at the screen-shot below.
Can not create file folder on newly installed ubuntu. right click menu options are disabledThis is happen for permission problem. This kind of function made to ensure critical secure environment. In this situation nobody (unauthorized user) can create new file or new folder/ directory or paste anything on that ext3 partition. Normally you can write on those partitions if you login as root. It also can happen on ext4 file system too. Now if you want to write anything on this partition then you must change permission to access that drive.

change permission using terminal and drive nameChanging permission on any specific drive or partition is very easy. Just run the command below on terminal. Before doing it don't forget to mount all of your partition.
sudo chmod -Rf 777 /media/name
Here change the red word name with the specific drive name. The drive name can be sda1 or sda2 or anything in this way/ order or you can get the drive name from the title bar or a opened window of a specific drive. Look at the image below.
Linux partition drive name or number on opened window title bar Write the drive name or number instead of red color word 'name' and press enter. You can get drive name pressing tab after the end of command media. That means type sudo chmod -Rf 777 /media/ and press tab button on keyboard. In my case after entering drive name, the whole line look like:
user@ubuntu:~$ sudo chmod -Rf 777 /media/45bd262c-2c1f-4219-a094-7ceca6313d82
Just run the command once, writing permission will change instantly. You wouldn't need to do anything again later. Oh, yes, you have to enter password to active the command.

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