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Offline Dictionaries for Ubuntu

babiloo an offline dictionary for ubuntu linuxI usually install offline dictionary in my computer since my first use. When I converted to Ubuntu then I am looking for a one for it. I found various kind of offline dictionary for Ubuntu. All work fine with ubuntu versions. I am just installing them on my newer Ubuntu 10.10 machine. I think dictionary is a such a study tool that we can not get sufficient information with only one dictionary. I have more then 10 dictionary on my reading table. So, I install several dictionary on my Ubuntu system. Here are a list of them. Wish you also get suggestion and help from this post.

First of all I like to say the name of Babiloo. It is available on 'Ubuntu Software Center'. You need to use dict files for work with it. Get many dictionary from this website.

It is a cross-platform open source thesaurus based on WordNet. Arthe is really handy & light, easy to use for every user. It is available at 'Ubuntu Software Center'

Default Dictionary
It is a default dictionary on Ubuntu. Normally it use online to search definition of a word. You can make it work offline. It is also available on 'Ubuntu Software Center'. Search for 'dictd'. You will get many files to download. Choose very carefully.
dictd will install dict, dict-wn, dict-gcide, dict-jargon, dict-folder. You can install a thesaurus. Choose dict-moby-thesaurus to install via 'USC'

Default dictionaty configurationNow time to configure it to work offline. Go to Edt> Preference and click on Source. Add a new source as below.
Discription: Local Server
Transport: Dictionary Server
Port: 2628
You have done configuring it. Now search any word and you will feel the speed.


  1. Babiloo is my favorite. I've installed 5 dictionaries in it. Its latest version is quite handy.

  2. Thank you 'thameera'. Babiloo is my favorite dictionary too. But now I use Gnome dictionary regularly. Because it can search and show result faster then Babiloo. It also start very quickly. I thought, I should write a blogpost details about 'Gnome dictionary'.


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