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File manager crash in PeppermintOS One

In Peppermint OS One there is a common problem. After first update PCManFM 0.9.7 file manager crash. I also faced this problem. After first update suddenly I found that if I click on any link in left sidebar of file manager, it suddenly go stop and closed. I thought this is my own problem related to my wrong command. But when I visit Peppermint OS forum then I found that there are many user who also faced same problem.

Just copy and paste this command one by on in terminal
apt update
apt purge pcmanfm2 pcmanfm2-dbg
apt install pcmanfm
Now restart your computer or logout and login.

You should remap file manager icon (Launcher) on bottom panel.
Right click on broken icon/ link and go to "Application Launch Bar Settings". Remove older link from left side and add a new one from right side.

I get this tuto from a post in Peppermint OS Forum named "Fixing a crashing file manager".

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