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Lubuntu 10.04, Alpha3 has released

Lubuntu an another distro of Ubuntu depend on LXDE has just published. It is alpha release, version 3. There are 4 new applications on this Lubuntu 10.04 version. And new artwork is also added in this bundle too.
new manu on lubuntu10.04New menu Icons. And panel got shiny touch.

clearlooks theme lubuntu 10.04New default theme is clearlooks.

lubuntu10.04 login screenNew LOGIN screen

pcmanfm2 instead of network managerDefault file manager 'pcmanfm2'
The new applications added in this release are:
  • Default browser "Chromium"
  • Default media player "Gnome-mplayer"
  • Wicd comes instead of Network manager
  • Default file manager is Pcmanfm2
Visit this page for download and more information.

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