My Internet Menu in Ubuntu 9.10

My Internet Menu in Ubuntu 9.10You know that I am publishing my softwares list which I am using in Ubuntu 9.10. In this post I am posting about my internet menu. Internet menu contain various program related to online activity. Some of them are used for web browsing and some of them for downloading, uploading etc. I am not a geeky person. Though I love to try different kind of software. So I installed these applications in my Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic Koala system.

Here is the Internet Menu list
  1. Arora
  2. Dooble
  3. Downloader for X
  4. ELinks Web Browser
  5. Empathy IM Client
  6. Evolution Mail
  7. Galeon Web Browser
  8. Google Chrome
  9. Minefield 3.7 Web Browser
  10. Namoroka Web Browser
  11. Opera
  12. Remote Desktop Viewer
  13. Sun Java 6 Web Start
  14. Swiftfox
  15. Terminal Server Client
  16. Transmission BitTorrent Client
  17. Ubuntu One
  18. Yarssr

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